Matty’s Hot30 Countdown

Matty has worked in Commercial and Community Radio for over 20 years.

In 1999, Matty was apart of a successful team that created Switch FM. Switch FM operated on a series of temporary broadcast licences on 97.3.

In 2001, the frequency that the team had been using was auctioned off to the Australian Radio Network and the temporary broadcasting finished.

In 2002 the Australian Broadcasting Authority grants a high power AM licence to the station management with the station commencing broadcasting on 1197kHZ later that year.

In 2002, Matty first started off as the Hot30 anchor at Hot100 Darwin as a console operator. Later that year Matty launched SwitchWeb Cast which still operates to this day.

In 2004, Matty was promoted to broadcast technician and continued to anchor the Hot30 at Hot300 Darwin and Mix 104.9 where he won he won his first number one ratings survey for his show. Later Matty decided to produce the show for free, to stations around the world to which he still does to this day.

In January 2018 Matty launched the Hot30 After party to stations around the world.

Matty believes in a strong sense of community and will support unsigned artists, and even attempt to raise funds for great causes.

Matty’s Hot30 airs from 6PM on Tuesday and Friday followed by the Hot30 After Party on PHAZE FM.

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